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Like most professional authors, I'm not a big fan of free fiction. Too many authors give too much away and too many readers expect to get all content for free, whether it's music, video, or books and stories. This undercuts the economic viability of being a freelance indie author for many writers and, frankly, disrespects them and the writing profession. On the other hand, giving away a taste of fiction as a way of introducing yourself to new readers, generating reviews, launching a new book, or grabbing readers for the first part of a continuing series is all part of effective marketing.


The Infinite Bard  website was created by a group of authors to help them jointly attract new readers from each other's core readership. I participate in that project. I also utilize StoryOriginApp to run joint promotions with other independent authors, one component of which involves reader magnets to encourage new readers to try new fiction by authors they don't already know and subscribe to that author's newsletter or blog. Accordingly, I am offering three free stories here. The most recent addition is Buzz on the Street, a prequel to the tales in The Love-Haight Case Files, Books 1 & 2. I've also posted Future Futures, a scifi tale first published in Apollo’s Daughters, Edited by Bryan Young (Silence in the Library 2014). Finally, you can check out Blind Spot, a spooky story set in the Midwest. You can access each of the stories by clicking on its picture/cover below. I hope you enjoy and are encouraged not only to subscribe to my newsletter, but to check out my other books and stories, which you can do by clicking on the appropriate headings at the top of this page.

In addition, I post stories on both Vocal and Simily, where I make a penny or two each time one is read. Here's links to those:

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