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This website is designed to provide information about Donald J. Bingle’s writing. It does not collect, sell, or distribute information concerning visitors, except in connection with the newsletter subscription page or in connection with the terms and policies of, which was used to construct this website and is and will continue to be used in its operation.


The newsletter subscription page and form were created by, and newsletters and emails will be distributed using,, which has its own privacy policies and controls. Donald J. Bingle will use the information provided on the newsletter subscription form to send newsletters and emails to you and to provide updates. Subscriber lists may also be shared with other authors in connection with joint promotions. If you ever receive an email or newsletter from Donald J. Bingle or any other author or website which you did not wish to receive or if you should ever change your mind about being on this or such other subscriber list, please click the unsubscribe link in the footer of the newsletter or email or contact me at By subscribing to my newsletter, you agree that your information may be shared, used, and processed in accordance with these terms and the terms and policies of

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