Crowdfunding/Kickstarters for Authors

Hawaii Writers Guild Write On Episode

27 minutes and ten seconds


Diann Wilson of the Hawaii Writers Guild interviews Donald J. Bingle about crowdfunding and Kickstarters.

Forced Conversion, Opening Scene

Waterline Writers February 19, 2017

Running Time: 12:56


Interview, Including Reading From LH2, More Love, More Haight, More Case Files

Inside the Writers Studio: Hawaii Writers Guild, October 2020

Running Time: 27:30


Gentlemanly Horrors of Mine Alone

Curiosities Retropunk Audiofiction

Running Time: 51:17


Gentlemanly Horrors of Mine Alone is a tale of love, gold, and monsters. A haunted man tells the tragic story of an adventure abroad in Colorado mining country to his very British gentleman’s club. File under: Horror, Weird West.

Familiar Spirits Kickstarter Video

Video for the Kickstarter for Familiar Spirits, an anthology of darkly unsettling ghost stories.

Go here to back the Kickstarter:



Double D

Monologue of my horror tale "Double D" performed at Vera Voce

January 17, 2015

Running Time: 16:34 minutes

A girl, a bar, and a supernatural transaction.

Rejecting the Anthropocene

Waterline Writers March 15, 2015

Running Time: 17:15 min

Color / Sound

Rejecting the Anthropocene is a steampunk tale. Steampunk is a niche of science fiction set in Victorian times thru the early 20th century in which current technology was invented sooner, but powered by steam. You can get Rejecting the Anthropocene as part of Tales of an Altered Past Powered by Romance, Horror, and Steam on Amazon.

Frame Shop Excerpt

Waterline Writers October 19, 2014

Running Time: 10:06 min

Color / Sound

Frame Shop is a mystery thriller set in a writers' group and punctuated by violence, humor, and occasional writing advice. ou can get Frame Shop in print or in all popular ebook formats on AmazonNook, or CreateSpace.

For Every Time, A Season

Waterline Writers October 20, 2013

Running Time: 12:59 min

Color / Sound

For Every Time, A Season is one of my most unusual and most literary stories, even though it is still genre fiction. You can get it as part of my collection, Shadow Realities, on Amazon.

Tree of Enlightenment

Waterline Writers June 16. 2013

Running Time 14:33 min

Color / Sound

Tree of Enlightenment is one of my non-fiction tales and can be found in my Father's Day Deluxe 3-Pack Edition on Amazon.


Waterline Writers March 17, 2013

Running Time 12:26 min

Color / Sound

Someday is the third of my tales to be included in The Crimson Pact. If you don't want to get one or more volumes of the five book collection of stories about the eternal battle between The Crimson Pact and the Demons of the Vale, you can just grab my three tales in Crimson Life/Crimson Death on Amazon.

Season's Critiquings

Waterline Writers December 16, 2012

Running Time 11:51 min

Color / Sound

Season's Critiquings is probably my most popular reading ever, with special holiday appeal for writers, wannabe writers, editors, and NaNoWriMo participants. You can find it on Amazon, along with its sequel, Merry Mark-up.

Kickstarter Video for Frame Shop

Kickstarter October 2014

Running Time 1:22 min

Color / Sound

Every Kickstarter project needs a video to explain the project, along with rewards and stretch goals.

Frame Shop Book Trailer

September 2014

Running Time 29 sec

Color / Sound

Yeah, book trailers don't sell many books, but every little bit of publicity helps.

Ratfish Book Trailer

September 2014

Running Time 29 sec

Color / Sound

All the production values of Sharknado, but with less budget and less running time.

Net Impact Book Trailer

July 2014

Running Time 37 sec

Color / Sound

Do you know what lies beneath Denver International Airport? Find out in Net Impact, a new kind of spy thriller for a new kind of world.


July 2014

Running Time 32 sec

Color / Sound

They're about to save the world; they just don't want to get caught doing it. GREENSWORD, the world's only darkly comedic eco-thriller about extreme global warming.

Book Trailer for early Writer on Demand Story Collections

July 2012

Running Time 39 sec

Color / Sound

I've collected many of my previously published stories, and a few new ones, by subject matter in the Writer on Demand story collections.

Book Trailer for "Dark Garden" in The Crimson Pact, Vol. 2

July 2011

Running Time 1:09 min

Color / Sound

Paul Genesse, the editor of The Crimson Pact, arranged a series of book trailers for Vol. 2, each featuring the story of one of the anthology authors.

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