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Interviews, Pitch Videos, Readings, and Book Trailers

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HWG Inside the Writers Studio, Episode 14: Zombies enter into this show, with author Donald J. Bingle, who reads the opening from The Love-Haight Case Files, Book 2, and talks about writing for roleplaying games and more!



October 27, 2020


HWG Write On, Episode 9: Diann Wilson of the Hawaii Writers Guild interviews Donald J. Bingle about crowdfunding and Kickstarters.



November 16, 2020


Video for the Kickstarter for Familiar Spirits, an anthology of darkly unsettling ghost stories.



Video for the Kickstarter for Frame Shop, my tale of murder in a suburban writers group. From its over-the-top prologue to its quirky addendum, Frame Shop mixes violence, humor, and occasional writing advice.




A reading of the prologue from my first novel,  Forced Conversion, a near future military scifi tale. Virtual reality is not a game; it's the future home of mankind. But, some people don't want to live there.


A reading at Waterline Writers of Season's Critiquings, the first of my  Christmas Carol Critiques. This is likely my most popular reading ever, with special holiday appeal for writers, wannabe writers, editors, and NaNoWriMo participants.


December 16, 2012


A reading of Merry Mark-Up, my second Christmas Carol Critique. Like most sequels, it's darker and more personal this time.


December 20 ,2015


A reading of Holiday Workshopping, the third--but not the last--in my Christmas Carol Critique series. Also recorded at Waterline Writers.


December 20, 2015


Donald J. Bingle reads his  steampunk tale, Rejecting the Anthropocene, at Waterline Writers, complete with multiple English accents, for your amusement.


March 15, 2015


A reading from Frame Shop, Donald J. Bingle's tale of murder in a suburban writers' group.


October 19, 2014


For Every Time, A Season is probably one of Donald J. Bingle's most unusual and literary stories, even though it is still genre fiction. You can get it in his collection, Shadow Realities.


October 20, 2013


A reading of Someday, originally written for the Tales of the Crimson Pact series and now available with Donald J. Bingle's other stories for that collection in Crimson Life / Crimson Death.


March 17, 2013


A staged reading at Vero Voce of Double D, a fantasy / horror story by Donald J. Bingle.


January 17, 2015


Professional actors read the disturbing short screenplay for Protest Seen, written by Donald J. Bingle.



Book trailer for Donald J. Bingle's story, Dark Garden, in Volume 2 of The Crimson Pact.



This book trailer for Ratfish, by Buck Hanno, has all of the cheesy production values of Sharknado, but with a smaller budget and shorter running time. SciFi horror in the grand tradition of SyFy monster movies.



Yeah, book trailers don't really sell novels, but here's a trailer for the earliest collections in Donald J. Bingle's Writer on Demand TM series of stories collected by genre, just so you know that book trailers don't sell short story collections effectively either.



Do you know what lies underneath Denver International Airport? Check out this book trailer for Net Impact, by Donald J. Bingle, then read the book and find out more. Net Impact now has a new cover and is the first book in the Dick Thornby Spy Thriller series.



Donald J. Bingle writes a chapter about causation in Eighth Day Genesis, a non-fiction / how-to book about worldbuilding.



This book trailer is for Volumes 1-3 of the five volume anthology series The Crimson Pact. Donald J. Bingle has stories in Volumes 1, 2, and 5.



Book trailer for GREENSWORD. They're about to save the world; they just don't want to get caught doing it. GREENSWORD is the world's only darkly comedic eco-thriller about global warming.



July 2014


Book trailer for Frame Shop, a murder mystery set in a suburban writers' group. From its over-the-top prologue to its quirky addendum, this book is filled with violence, humor, and occasional writing advice.


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