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Updated: Aug 10

For a number of years I've been posting blog entries here and on Goodreads. About six months ago, though, I started putting out a monthly newsletter with articles, updates on my work-in-progress, book reviews, promotions, and news about upcoming releases, conventions, and presentations, etc. Rather than duplicate the same information over multiple platforms, I've decided to simply archive links to my newsletter here as they are published, so you can check them out at will. And, if you want to get my newsletter by email as soon as it is available, just go here to sign up.

Here's the archive. Sure, some of the links will get old and no longer work and many of the promos will be concluded if you look at old issues, but I still think there is some content you might like. You can also still search my old blogs here and on Goodreads. They go back much further.

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