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Top Ten Reasons Writers Don't Write

Continuing my promised ten top ten lists to ease your withdrawal upon David Letterman's reitrement with:

The Top Ten Reasons Writers Don’t Write

Number 10: They don’t want their parents complaining to authorities every time someone criticizes their work.

Number 9: Aloha, bruddah. Everyone everywhere prefers surfing to working, even if they are only surfing the net.

Number 8: It’s really tedious to write a 600,000 word fantasy trilogy on a smartphone keyboard using only your thumbs.

Number 7: Given the explosion in bad digital photography, exchange ratio has devalued so that picture now equals only .00173 words.

Number 6: Too busy gaming awards balloting or complaining about those that do.

Number 5: The internet demands that content be free. You get what you pay for: nothing.

Number 4: All the movies these days are based on comic books.

Number 3: Too busy publishing and marketing to bother writing. By the way, you can get all my books and stories at

Number 2: People would rather watch stupid people arguing on television than scripted drama.

And the Number 1 reason writers don’t write: WTF!?!? IMHO u r rong. its snot tru. TTFN. ;) [link] [emoji] [ad]

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