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Top Ten Reasons Why Guys Prefer Yardwork To Housework

Downsides to my commitment to do ten top ten lists to lessen the blow of David Letterman's retirement from Late Night? These posts have not gone viral, nor added to my followers. Casual visitors to my blog also might think this is the only thing I do. Upside? I've gotten much more efficient about the mechanics of posting my blog.

On to today's topic:

Top Ten Reasons Guys Prefer Yardwork To Housework

Number 10: Men prefer to make dirt, not clean it up.

Number 9: Men long-ago discovered at the day-job that it’s not how much work you do that counts, it’s how much work you are seen doing.

Number 8: Men love killing things, even if it’s grubs and dandelions.

Number 7: Men are committed to reversing climate change by growing more oxygenating plants through the use of gas-guzzling mowers, trimmers, and mulchers.

Number 6: They don’t make riding vacuum cleaners.

Number 5: Because fertilizer is a component in explosives, they can live out their A Team fantasies.

Number 4: A 50% chance of rain means a 50% chance of watching golf on TV.

Number 3: Neighborhood kids can be hired to do most of the work for less than minimum wage.

Number 2: Undocumented workers can be hired to do the rest of the work for less than minimum wage and you can goof off while you go to the Home Depot parking lot to pick them up.

And the number 1 reason guys prefer yardwork to housework: More power! (Can you please hand me Tim Allen’s career now?)

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