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Top Ten Reasons Keanu Reeves Is More Awesome Than You Think

Ahh, the way to drive traffic to your blog, they say, is to be more controversial. Can I get any more controversial than to say I think Keanu is a great guy and a great actor? Here goes:

The Top Ten Reasons Keanu Reeves Is More Awesome Than You Think

Number 10: Played a totally non-heinous Ted Theodore Logan in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, cementing “No way!” / “Yes, way!” in pop culture lexicon BEFORE Wayne and Garth AND making Abe Lincoln into a cool, party dude.

Number 9: Has portrayed both the Dali Lama and the son of the devil.

Number 8: Played an All-American, straight-laced jock FBI agent pretending to be a surfer dude in Point Break. “They call them babes, sir.”

Number 7: Didn’t bother to even own a house for decades, since he was always working.

Number 6: Proved he is both human and a nice guy by butchering English accent in Dracula so as to not outshine the generally awful acting, writing, and production values of that sucky movie.

Number 5: Has had more memorable haircuts in movies than Jennifer Aniston has in real life.

Number 4: Treats his stunt doubles well, gifting them cars and cash, even agreeing to star in one’s movie when the stunt man graduated to being a director.

Number 3: Was entirely laid back about questions as to whether he was gay, straight, or bi before most of America was laid back about caring.

Number 2: Got more out of the single phrase “Whoa!” than Roy Rogers did with Trigger.

And the number 1 reason Keanu Reeves is better than you think: Admitted to getting a full-on robot chubby playing Ted Theodore Logan, alive, dead, and as an evil robot in Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey.

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