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Top Ten Movie Sequels Secretly In Development Right Now

Now that Mad Max: Fury Road has proven you can make a successful sequel to a thirty year old movie, Hollywood is aflutter with other possibilities.

The Top Ten Movie Sequels Secretly In Development Right Now

Number 10: Manos: Feet of Fate

Number 9: Dr. Zhivago: The Obamacare Years

Number 8: Ben Hur, Ben Him, Been There, Done That

Number 7: Un-BreakDanceable: No Signs of The Seventh Sense in The Village

Number 6: The Texas Sump Pump Massacre

Number 5: Eddie and the Cruisers: Eddie Unlives

Number 4: The Sound of Muzak

Number 3: Citizen Kane: Rosebud vs. The Jamaican Bobsled Team

Number 2: Soylent Rainbow

And the number one sequel secretly in development right now: Casablanca: Electric Bugaloo.

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