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Father's Day Tales

Old friends already know this, but there are always newcomers to my blog and website who might not be aware that I have two different ebooks that are great for Father's Day. The first is my award-winning, short, humorous tale, aptly named "Father's Day," about the day I remember most when I think about my dad. And, for those who want more tales of fathers and fathers-in-law, I have a Deluxe 3-Pack Edition that includes not only that story, but two more tales ("Work Mode" and "Tree of Enlightenment"), along with the opening chapter of my first novel, Forced Conversion, a near future military sci-fi thriller that dad just might like.

Father's Day DadPic4.jpg

Father'sDayDeluxe3PackKindle.jpg 2015-3-29-16:13:50

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