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  • Donald J. Bingle, Writer on Demand

Time Travel Gone Terribly Wrong

My company used to own a time travel roleplaying game and I wrote a number of adventures for it. I've also written a number of time travel tales in my time, so I couldn't help but be intrigued when I ran across Singular Irregularity, a Kickstarter for an anthology about time travel gone terribly wrong. Better yet, I knew some of the authors from other projects. But, best of all, when I contacted Kimber Grey, she gave me a chance to join the project, adding my story "Standing Still" to the temporal mix. And ... since I used to run those time travel adventures I wrote for the Timemaster Roleplaying Game at conventions, she added a pledge level whereby I will run one of my old time travel adventures for the backer of that reward and five of their friends. You can check it all out here.

Be there. Aloha. Don

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