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  • Donald J. Bingle, Writer on Demand TM

Release Day for Dick Thornby Spy Thrillers

Today is the official release date for Wet Work, my latest Dick Thornby Thriller. It is also the re-release date for the first Dick Thornby tale, Net Impact (now with a snazzy new cover).

So, for those of you who don't like to bother with Kickstarters or pre-orders, you can now get both titles in ebook format or print the regular way on Amazon,, and Kobo. Heck, Net Impact even has an audio version (though I am still working on getting them to update the cover). Links follow: Net Impact, Amazon: Net Impact, Nook, Net Impact, Kobo: Net Impact, Audible: Wet Work, Amazon: Wet Work, Nook: Wet Work, Kobo: Wet Work, PRINT: For those of you who have already gotten and read their book(s), thanks so much. Reviews are welcomed on the site of your favorite bookseller or on Facebook, Goodreads, or your favorite blog. Aloha, Don Writer on Demand TM

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