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Marketing Advice For Writers (aka The Top Ten Things That Would Have Been More Effective ...)

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Well, my latest attempt to say "Hey, look at me! I write clever, sometimes darkly humorous, books and stories." has come to naught. And, since this is my eleventh top ten list (yes, there was a bonus list of Top Ten Reasons Not To Bring Your Children Along On A Stake-Out in my blog announcing I would be doing ten top ten lists), I have honored my commitment and can move on to other blogs and topics of greater potential interest ... at least to me.

No worries. I'm not bitter. I'm just cranky. If I was in a sitcom, I would be the curmudgeonly neighbor/co-worker/best friend ... and the sitcom would be canceled after airing only four episodes because it couldn't stand up against the stellar writing and sophisticated plotting of Two Broke Girls.

What's next in my continuing stabs at shameless self-promotion? Well, here's a list of possibilities:

The Top Ten Things That Would Have Been More Effective At Building My Blog Audience Than Writing Top Ten Lists

Number 10: Posting random numbers. Today’s lucky lottery numbers are: 4, 8, 13, 16, 22, and 42.

Number 9: Complaining about the content of movies that haven’t been released yet based on what I think they might contain.

Number 8: Building a better duck call.

Number 7: Posting pictures of my dog.

Number 6: Changing my name to East-SouthEast Kardashian.

Number 5: Posting pictures of random dogs.

Number 4: Posting pictures of random Kardashians.

Number 3: Reposting blogs from years ago nobody’s read.

Number 2: Announcing a crowdfunding campaign to save a fictitious creature from extinction.

And the Number 1 thing that would have been more effective at building my blog audience than writing top ten lists: Writing more and better books and stories.

As always, you can check out my other blogs, watch videos of me reading from my works, and get more information about me and my writing at And, for those of you attending Origins Game Fair this coming week, I look forward to seeing you there.



Donald J. Bingle

Writer on Demand TM

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